Our vacations in Antigua and Barbuda

Safari and Eco Tour across Antigua

In order to see and experience a bit more of Antigua's hidden treasures, we signed up for a day long Safari and Eco tour by car, boat and kayak across the island. The tour took us off the beaten path to the ruins of an old sugar plantation and by boat and kayak to a tiny off-shore island to watch pelicans. Continuing via famous English Harbour we finished the day with a refreshing snorkeling adventure at a coastal reef.

A rough cross-country ride by Jeep on the island's back roads
The ruins of a sugar plantation with its old windmill
By motorboat and then by kayak to Pelican Island
Admiring a flock of pelicans
Back on the road again ...
... and visiting English Harbour with Nelson's Dockyard
Ending the day on Bird Island with snorkeling at the coastal reef

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