Our vacations in Chile

Downtown Santiago

Accompany us on a tour through downtown Santiago, and come shopping for hand-made native products and affordable wine. It is easy to see that Chile is an important producer of excellent wine.

Plaza de Italia in the newer part of the city
Plaza de Armas is the centre of the old city
In the middle of the city rises the St. Lucia hill
Climbing to the top of St. Lucia hill
An Inca statue on top of St. Lucia hill contrasts
with a modern Skyscraper
View of the city center from St. Lucia hill
Along Pio Nono street is the Bohemian area of Santiago,
frequented by students and artists
Instead in mugs, refreshingly cold beer is served in
towering beer pipes
Downtown pedestrian shopping area
Jola's favorite activity is shopping for handcrafted
jewelry and other items
Abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables in the
Central Mercado
A difficult choice!

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