Our vacations in Iceland

Reykjavic Marathon

One of the highlights of our Iceland vacation was the participation of all our four family members in the Reykjavic Marathon. The Reykjavic marathon is a world-famous event now in its 31st year, attracting about 15,000 runners from all around the world. Jola and Monica participated in the 10 km run, while Bernd and Michael were happy to complete the 3 km run (more of a brisk walk). We are all proud to have completed our events in good time - and uncorked the Champagne bottle to celebrate our success.

Our proud family after completing the 10 km and 3 km running events
[ Iceland_Reykjavic_Marathon_Registration]
Reykjavic Marathon registration
Our 10 km participants smiling before the run
[Iceland Reykjavic_Marathon_10km_Run_01]
Some of the 7,000 runners in the 10 km Marathon event
Jola close to the finish of her 10 km run
Bernd and Michael after the 3 km event
with 2000 runners
One of our precious medals

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