Our vacations in St. Kitts and Nevis

Beach Hopping in St. Kitts

St. Kitts has many attractive beaches in easy reach from our resort, some with dark volcanic sand and others with white powdery sand. The most appealing beaches with calm waters are on the Caribbean side of the island and on its southern peninsula. Visitors don't need to go hungry or thirsty since all beaches have one or more beach shacks offering local food and drinks.

South Frigate Bay beach with its calm Caribbean water and dark volcanic sand
Picturesque North Frigate Bay beach on the rough Atlantic coast
Viewed from high above the southern peninsula is
North Friars Bay on the Atlantic ocean (left) and
South Friars Bay on the Caribbean sea (right)
Never get lost on South Friars Bay
[StKitts SouthFriarsBayBeach 02]
Bernd is resting on Shipwreck beach on South Friars Bay
[StKitts SouthFriarsBayBeach Jetwalker12]
Many activities on South Friars Bay - snorkeling the coastal reefs, and jet walking
Reggae beach on Cockleshell Bay on the southern peninsula
Cockleshell Bay with its long white sandy beach, and its spectacular view of the island of Nevis
across the clear turquoise water
The Reggae bar welcomes guests from all over the world
The motto of St. Kitts, and the attitude of Kittians

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