Our vacations in St. Kitts and Nevis

Around St. Kitts by Car and Train

The island of St. Kitts is small enough to explore its attractions in one day. We took a tour around the island, half by minibus and half by the scenic railway, a former sugar plantation train refitted for tourist transportation. This leisurely day-long tour offers visits to the island's beautiful garden estates, interesting handicraft centres and to the gigantic Brimstone Hill fortress, a UNESCO heritage site. And on the way we passed through many picturesque country villages and had a close-up view of St. Kitt's dormant volcano Mount Liamuiga and blackened lava rocks at the Atlantic ocean shore.

Our tour starts by minibus, passing the harbour of St. Kitts
Beautiful Romney Manor Estate Gardens with the 400 year old Love Tree
[StKitts RomneyManorEstate_Batic_02]
[StKitts_ RomneyManorEstate_Batic_01]
Batic handcrafting at Romney Manor Estate - and shopping for its products
Gigantic Brimstone Hill fortess, a UNESCO heritage site
Overlooking the Caribbean sea
Continuing the tour on board of St. Kitt's Scenic Railway
Mount Liamuiga, the dormant volcano of St. Kitts
Black lava rocks at the sea shore
Church on the Atlantic ocean
Southern peninsula with Nevis in the background

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