Our vacations in St. Lucia and Martinique


Castries is the Capital of St. Lucia. It is a preferred port of call for cruise ships, sometimes up to three in the harbour. It is also the financial centre of St. Lucia. The city offers few tourist attractions, apart from the many duty free shops and the large crafts market at the harbour front.

[Castries Road]
[Castries View]
Driving to Castries during the morning rush hour
View of Castries and the cruise ship harbour
[Castries downtown]
[Castries Park]
The city centre after an occasional 15 minute rain shower
Castries' central park with statues of two
Nobel Laureats from St. Lucia
[Castries CraftMarket 01]
[Castries CraftMarket 02]
Craft's Market at the harbour front with colorful local handicrafts
[Castries CraftMarket 03]
Jola's favorite acitivity is shopping for unique handmade items

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