Our vacations in St. Lucia and Martinique

Rainforest Sky Ride

Deep in the mountainous center of St. Lucia extends the rainforest sanctuary. Visitors can come and admire the lush jungle and its flora and birds by taking a sky ride in an open gondola. We took the ride up the mountain, and then down again. As the name implies, we experienced a true rainy rainforest, getting soaked in the upper region of the mountain by almost permanent rain showers. For those more adventurous travellers, a Zipline runs from the top to the base of the mountain in about 10 segments, offering spectacular views, closeness to nature and excitement at the same time - we preferred the gondola.

[Rainforest Entrance]
[Rainforest Gondola 01]
Jola waiting for the gondola at the base station
[Rainforest 01]
[Rainforest 04]
Lush and impenetrable jungle and interesting lianas coexisting with trees
[Rainforest 03]
[Rainforest Gondola 02]
We are well prepared for a rain shower higher up in the rainforest
[Rainfores 02]
[Rainforest Zipline]
The rainforest after a refreshing rainshower
One of the daring young adventurers is taking the
Zipline down the rainforest

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