Our vacations in St. Martin/Sint Maarten, Anguilla and Saba

Beaches on the French part of St. Martin

St. Martin/Sint Maarten has 37 beaches, spread out over the French and Dutch parts of the island, many of them at isolated spots. We rented a car and took a tour to explore the beaches on the French side of St. Martin.

[PinelIsland 01]
[PinelIsland 02]
A boat takes us to Pinel Island and to its long sandy public beach
[PinelIsland 03]
[PinelIsland 04]
The restaurant on Pinel Island under straw huts, where the birds are watching us dine
[LeGalionBeach 01]
[LeGalionBeach 02.jpg]
Le Galion beach is a beautiful secluded beach with few visitors, located close to Orient Bay
[LeGalionBeach 03]
[LeGalionBeach 04]
Bernd is enjoying the calm turqoise water of Le Galion beach
A school class is holding their outdoor exercises at Le Galion beach
[FriarsBeach 01]
[FriarsBeach 02]
On the way to Friar's beach near Marigot, the Capital of the French part of St. Martin
[FriarsBeach 03]
[FriarsBeach 04]
The small but inviting Friar's beach
Jola is sunbathing at Friar's beach
[AnseMarcel 01]
[AnseMarcel 02]
A small bay embraces a tourist resort and beach at Anse Marcel at the northern tip of St. Martin

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