Our vacations in St. Martin/Sint Maarten, Anguilla and Saba


The Capital of the French part of St. Martin, Marigot, is a small town located at the Caribbean Sea shore. It has a bustling harbour, where ferries leave for the neighboring islands and offers tourists a shopping spree through the duty-free shops or the crafts market on the weekend. Plenty of cafes and open-air restaurants should make any gourmet happy. A spectacular view over the neighboring region is awarded after climbing the steep path to Fort Louis.

View of Marigot from Fort Louis
French-style street in downtown Marigot
The modern West Indies Mall with duty-free shops
Jola strolling through the open-air crafts market in the center of town
[Marigot_FortLouis 01]
[Marigot_FortLoius 02]
Fort Louis towering high above Marigot as seen from the ferry terminal
Climbng the steep foot path to Fort Louis
[Marigot_FortLoius 03]
[Marigot_FortLoius 04]
The ruins of Fort Louis
Bernd admiring the view from Fort Louis high above Marigot
Red Snapper dinner in one of the open-air restaurants, accompanied by a Caribbean music band

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