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My life is currently proceeding, and often overlapping, along three lines:

[Sailing] My family life with Jola and my kids, Monica and Michael

I am trying to control it, but usually they control me and I am left with picking up the pieces. Fixing up the house and what's around it, keeping the cars running, cutting grass or blowing snow, etc.., these are dad's chores to do. Really, this life takes off on weekends and holidays only, and yet it is the most pleasurable one.
UNB Crest My work at the University of New Brunswick
as Professor Emeritus of Computer Science

After my retirement in 2006 I am still actively involved in interesting research, both fundamental and industrial. This life is my most creative one, because I am now lucky enough to have full freedom over my research work, which I appreciate most. You won't find anything about my research and professional work at the University of New Brunswick in this personal page. If interested, click on My Work.

[LOT-100 Terminal] Managing my company Advanced Systems Design Ltd.

This life happens whenever I find some time in the evening and a customer twists my arm. ASD develops, manufactures and markets tally systems for the lumber industry. Our 'From the Woods to the Office' technology uses the information highway to send the tally data around the provinces. This life is the most stressful one, trying to keep on top of technolgy and administration at the same time.

Visit my Download Page with some useful custom programs, such as the Gym Scoring Assistant to help automate the scoring in gymnastics competitions, and the Contact Assistant to quickly retrieve information about friends.
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