Our vacations in Honduras

About 15 km out in the Carribean Sea are the Cayos Cochino (Hog Islands), a cluster of small islands which are part of the second largest reef in the world. This is a paradise for divers and snorklers alike. Some of the islands are still inhabited by the Garifuna people, one of the aboriginals of Honduras who today make a living from fishing and tourists. [Map]
[] Only the brave are daring
enough to take the rough ride
in a speedboat to the islands
[] []
We are approaching a tiny deserted island where the snorkeling fans spend the next hours exploring the underwater scenery
[] [] []
In the distance is one of the larger inhabited islands
The village of the Garifuna people,
living like centuries ago
This precarious outhouse
served us well after
a good meal
[] [] []
The beach and surf is shared by us and the local kids
A happy girl after the successful sale of a necklace
[] []
After the swim in the surf we enjoy the local seafood and the deserved beer in the local pub

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