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[Michael enjoying Lobster] [Canada Day] [Michael eating Spaetzle]

I am 14 years old and I go to grade 9 in High School. Sometimes I like to go to school, sometimes I don't. I am always looking forward to holidays. A while ago during our holidays we went to Costa Rica and later to Germany and Poland. I don't know those languages a lot.

[Right Whale] Last year in summer we went to Grand Manan Island way out in the Atlantic ocean. There we went camping, hiking and whalewatching. While on a boat in the Fundy Bay we saw many Dolphins and whales. On the picture here you can see one of the rare Right whales that always come to Fundy for the summer.

[Michael climbing up Mt. Carleton] We also went camping to Mt. Carleton, the highest peak in the Maritimes, in the middle of New Brunswick. This is like going to the end of the world, a real wilderness trip. Nobody lives there for 100km all around, except bears, cougars, moose, deer and many other animals. There is no electricity, no tap water or any of the comfortable things I have at home. [On top of Mt. Carleton] To go grocery or candy shopping you have to drive 80km back and forth. But it was great, living without civilization, at least for a little while. We climbed up Mt. Carleton mountain, first in the woods, then the last 500m over big rocks and it was a hard climb at the end. We had beautiful sunshine and a tremendous view from the top. The little red spot in the picture that's me. But I am glad to be back at home now.

I love to play games on my computer and on the Internet with friends. A while ago I got a gasoline powered remote control T-Maxx car which I race up and down my street. I also like to fly my little electric and big gasoline powered air planes on the weekends. Since a few years ago I am also going to gymnastics where my sister used to go, and I had the opportunity to participate in the Canada Games 2003. I also sometimes go to the soccer training camps in summer.

[Michael and Monica]

As you can see in my photos, which are mostly from a time when I was much younger, I like to eat good things, like lobster at home and Spaetzle in Stuttgart. During our holidays in Stuttgart my sister and I had warm Brezels with butter in the Koenigstrasse. I also like very much the toy store Spielwaren Kurtz in Stuttgart. There I got many toys, and my grandparents used to send me Paeckchens with lots of delicious chocolates and toys.

[Me and Icecycles] Soon winter is coming again with lots of snow and ice. Here I show you what this was like and you can admire the big icecicles that I am holding in my arms, they are almost bigger than me and icy cold - brrrrh..

[Moby]This is Moby, my cat

Congratulations, Michael

on your graduation with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from UNB in 2012

Michael Graduation 01
Michael Graduation 02

Good luck for your travels through Europe, and for your future career, whatever you decide it will be!

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